Star Wars Legacy | The Force Unleashed 2 | Mass Effect 

Omar Francia will be attending the entire weekend!

Please be sure to check out his social media and keep an

eye on this page for updates.

Instagram: @omarfrancia

Omar Francia is an Argentinean artist who begun in the industry working for local publications, starting as a colorist, and later illustrating for children’s books, before he started his own Comic projects in his country as well. After that, he moved to the US industry in 2007 where he started working for Dark Horse in Star Wars titles.  Since 2007, he is a professional illustrator that has worked on comic book projects and key art illustrations for DC comics, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, and many independent publishers as After Shock comics, Avatar Press, among others.


He has worked on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Arrow, Doom Patrol, Star Wars Legacy, Star Wars “The Force Unleashed 2”, Mercury Heat, PUBG motion comics, the first three Mass Effect Comic Series and specials, and more. Between his collaboration for independent publishers, the title “Volition” stands out among others, which It was a sci-fi comic book series for AfterShock Comics, where he collaborated not only with the interior art and covers, but also with the whole world building designs well, where he could blend 3D modeling skills with traditional 2D artwork, creating an unique look for the series. He is now living in Tampa FL, and he continues working in comic projects as well as creating Key Art Posters for animated movies for Warner bros.

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